This is  one of the moments that the Salesians of Don Bosco have chosen to promote the way of living that Don Bosco himself wished and partly lived through different dimensions, that is to say: living a consecrated life (being a religious), true Christian life, true marriage life, and also being an exemplary person in society. On the level of Rwanda, this celebration was held on the 17th/05/2014 at the Salesian community of Kabgayi where the youths from the Salesian communities of Gatenga, Ifak, Rango and Kabgayi gathered to be more instructed on the above-mentioned dimensions of life. The celebration began with the opening prayer led by

Rev. Fr. Raphael Katanga sdb, followed by the welcoming and presentation of the youths according to their respective communities and this was done by Rev. Fr. John Peter Turabanye, sdb. After this, the youths were divided into five groups where they were taught about religious, marriage and true Christian life as well as being good citizens. Then there was the celebration of the holy Eucharist led by Rev. Fr. Pierre-Celestin Ngoboka, sdb, the vocation director in the AGL province, who in his homily emphasized more on the above mentioned points. After the Eucharist the young people shared lunch. Finally there was the word of thanks to the youth for their lovely and active participation and in a good number, to the committee of the organizers led by the president of the youth ministry commission in AGL province,  Rev. Fr. John Peter Turabanye, sdb,  the participation of the Salesians, and then there was the final blessing which marked the departure of the youths and their guides back home.

Let’s continue to work “FOR THE GLORY OF GOD AND THE SALVATION OF SOULS” in the steps of Don Bosco.

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