"The rector represents Christ who unites his followers in the service of the Father. He is at the centre of the community, a brother among brothers, who recognizes his responsibility and duty" (art. 55, Salesian Constitutions)


The 4th/09/2017 will always remain a remarkable date for Kamuli Salesian community as its long awaited newly appointed Rector, Rev. Fr. Denis Habamungu entered the community premises. Fr. Denis was accompanied by a group of Salesian conferes and friends from Bombo community where he has been serving as Principal of Bombo VTC and the “economer” of the house. A special welcoming meal had been prepared and this was shared together with St.Joseph Kamuli VTC staff representatives, priests from Kamuli Catholic Parish, German volunteers belonging to Kamuli salesian community, and the sdb from the two communities. Rev. Fr. Gbao Philip (acting rector) held a sweet welcoming speech, wishing him a wonderful and joyous apostolate during his mandate as Rector. Fr. Denis will canonically begin his work after his installation by the Provincial that will be held soon.


Pius Kayanja, sdb

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