It’s not a wonder that Lycée Don Bosco youths welcomed the newly born child Jesus with a short “patronage” of two days 

(23rd-24thDecember 2017), he who loves them so much. The theme was : The Child Jesus is born for us

With the help of the Gospel, the Salesians together with the animators taught catechism to the young stars concerning the birth of Jesus, songs and games inclusive.

The Holy Mass was the climax of this function, but they also had a special festival before departure.

These two days were filled with great joy on the lips of about one thousand youths who attended. 

This is a lesson to us all that we should not only celebrate Christmas and just sing “Jesus is born”, but also have to know the meaning of what we are feasting.Teach it to the children so that their faith in their “Lover Jesus” may be strengthened, simply because you can only love someone whom you know and he in the same way.

May the Almighty continue to enlighten us in whatever we do for the young people for the good of their faith. Vive Don Bosco! Vive Jesus! We love you so much.

                                 Lycée Don Bosco Burengo Ngozi Burundi.

Kato John Paul sdb.

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