As programmed, the students of IFAK gathered on Saturday the 24th March, 2018 in the school compound for a recollection. It was a day after they had finished their exams of this first term. They were grouped into two groups; one group of Catholics and another group composed of our students who belong to other denominations.

Fr. Benjamin Gahungu, sdb from the Salesian community of Butare Novitiate helped the Catholic students throughout the day beginning at exactly 9 am. In order to obtain his objective of helping the students have an idea of a cross, he first of all asked one of the students to sketch the cross that is found on pharmacies. He continued by showing the different crosses that are found in different places such as in hospitals,

on ambulances, in cemeteries and in churches. As a sign of salvation, we enter the church and make the sign of the cross and we also go to the hospital to look for good health. Besides being a sign of salvation, the cross is also a sign of life, a sign of mercy that calls us to be merciful towards others and it is also a sign of sacrifice, that of Jesus and Saint Maximilian Kolbe who volunteered to die in the place of a married man who, by being killed, would have leave his wife and children. He also talked about Veronica and Simon of Cyrene who made the way of the cross along with Jesus.

Our students then benefited from a special moment of meditation and confessions. Thereafter, in his homily, during the Eucharistic celebration, Father Benjamin came back to the aspect of the good shepherd manifested by the open hands of Jesus Christ on the cross, who calls upon us to belong to the same family, because all of us, who accept the cross, should come to and belong to one family. Toward the end, it was a moment of thanksgiving to each and every person who helped the students turn their eyes towards God as they prepare themselves for the Easter celebrations. 

Jonathan Ayaku, sdb.

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