On Tuesday the 27th of March 2018 at IFAK, there was a special moment that saw the involvement of our students in both sports and cultural activities in the school premises. The major objective was to sensitize the students on child protection.  As programmed, all the activities began at 9 am with sports activities of football and basketball. In football, the students were divided into 4 teams according to their classes and in basketball the teams were reduced to 5.

All the winning teams received a free pass to the school canteen whereby each player on the winning side had the right to receive something eatable and drinkable from the school canteen.

In the afternoon, after a delicious meal that was served for lunch, there was a volleyball match that engaged the students and their educators. Unfortunately, the winners of the match were not known as both teams had won a set each when the match was interrupted by rain.

Immediately after the unfinished match and as time was running, the students entered the main hall for the rest of the function. In this function, different students expressed their talents by singing, dancing, modeling and some comedy skits.  Since the objective was to sensitize the students on child protection, Mr. SANO Théodobald said something about the whole idea by expressing his joy of seeing students presenting different items and he promised to always remain with them.

Our sincere gratitude to each and everyone who made all these activities successful beginning from the organizers and the students who took their time to prepare themselves. 

Jonathan Ayaku, sdb

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