It’s already three years since the Association of devotees of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA) came into existence in the Salesian house of the Post-novitiate, Kabgayi,  Rwanda. This is the house where young Salesians live who study philosophy at the nearby inter-diocesan Major Seminary. The house also welcomes hundreds and hundreds of young people from the neighborhood for oratory activities. After fifteen years or so of Salesian presence in Kabgayi, there came the miracle of the first presence of the Association of devotees of Mary Help of Christians, not only in our community but also in the Vice-province of Africa of the Great Lakes (AGL).

The Association counts one hundred members (men, women and young people) with thirty who made their promises on 24th of May 2017, feast day of Mary Help of Christians. This year, on the same day, a group of eleven aspirants will also promise to the Blessed Virgin Mary to be her faithful servants. 

To continue, the Association of Mary Help of Christians has become the right hand of the Salesian family in Kabgayi adding itself to the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Salesian Cooperators in the bid of making the mission of Don Bosco “a dream come true”. What has this Association not done? First of all, they are admired because of their enthusiasm when it comes to prayer; of course this prayer makes the Salesian mission flourish worldwide. Secondly, they are seen giving catechism lessons to young people, that is to say teaching them how to pray, introducing them to the liturgy of the Catholic Church, guiding and counselling them. Thirdly, the ones who are still young devotees of Mary Help of Christians and whose parents are in the the same Association, during the Eucharistic celebrations especially on feast days, enhance the liturgy with beautiful Rwandan traditional dances. Finally, we thank God for their commitment among the young people of Kabgayi and we pray that the Almighty God will continue to give them strength in their mission. May Mary Help of Christians intercede for them always.

Cyprian Mbaziira sdb

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