One of the major events that mark life at Lycee Don Bosco where all young people get involved, took place on 5th October 2018 in the main hall of the school and that is the “cultural evening”. The evening that was inaugurated by a prayer began at 5pm and went up to 9pm.

The students from all classes and different groups  had a chance to show, or as we say nowadays, to exhibit what they have. As said, one of the events that precede  the official opening ceremony of the academic year, the evening was graced with the presence of the whole salesian community of Lycee Don Bosco, the salesian cooperators, teaching staff, parents, old students and the students who entertained us all the way.

The students presented sketches, modern dances, traditional dances, comedies, jazz band, poems, mimes and all the creativity you can think of as far as the youngsters are concerned. But what left people amazed and longing for more were the traditional Burundian drums that opened the evening. 

At all moments, a climate of joy was manifested, happiness as young people covered the venue with shouts of joy.

Some speeches where pronounced as well; the coordinator of groups, or call it religious based movements within the school, addressed the assembly on behalf of the students and promised once again the cooperation of the students with the educators to ensure the proper running of the school, this academic year 2018-2019. The educators also, represented by the director of the school, welcomed the new ones as this was one of the main reasons of this evening :  to welcome the new ones. He also congratulated the students for their efforts and determination towards this evening as he blessed the assembly calling off the event.

It was a nice evening appreciated by those present and students themselves as they never wanted to leave the hall. Everyone wanted a chance, an opportunity to show his/her talent. They got it and this made it a wonderful cultural evening to remember. Thanks to all those who participated actively and contributed to the success of this event.

Bro. Ssemakula Henry, SDB