It was around 11 am on 12th  October 2018 that the mass of inauguration presided over by the director of the school; father Corneille Mbaga commenced in the main hall with the presence of the salesian community, teachers and students. This event was prepared spiritually the previous evening by a recollection preached by Father Remy Nsengiyumva SDB, parish priest of Rango parish in Rwanda.

The recollection entitled, “invitation to holiness” saw the students moved by the words that the preacher used with practical examples. After this,  confessions followed for almost an hour as students showed interest and devotion. It was a nice  experience for the  students and the teachers appreciated it. This activity was concluded by an evening talk given by the director of the community father Frans Vandecandelaere.  

In this mass traditionally known as “Mass of the Holy Spirit”, where the Holy Spirit is invoked to inspire all activities of the year, the main celebrant, in his homily, made it clear that we invoke the Holy Spirit to guide us, that there are many gifts and that we should discover them. Each person has got talents/gifts but he/she has not received them for his/her own benefit. They should be put at the service of others, of the church and of the society. He added that each person in the school has got his or her own responsibility, and everyone has a duty of fulfilling it : teachers giving good quality lessons and students giving in all they have to be able to succeed and all that will be possible with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

In this Mass, in the presence of salesian cooperators as well, the leaders of the students, that is to say : the deans and the coordinator of the Catholic action movements and other associations were prayed for and took office. 

The celebrations after mass continued as we enjoyed the speeches again from father Corneille who invited the students to work hard and asked the teachers to maintain quality of knowledge delivered to the students so that quality can be maintained. The representative of the director of education at the commune was very happy with the school and promised support and some books to the school. The priest in charge of schools in Ngozi parish graced the occasion and acknowledged what he benefited from the school when he was a student there and invited our students to work hard. After these speeches at around 2 pm, the rector and parish priest of Rukago parish  who also graced the celebrations and acted as the master of ceremonies invited the main celebrant for the final blessing. 

After this Mass well animated that left all the participants celebrating, the teachers and other invited guests met in the staffroom as students joined the dining room of the school. 

The day was closed with music in the school main hall as students were given time to dance, socialise and enjoy the evening. At around 5:30 pm, the day came to its end. It was really worthy to be lived.  

Thanks to all those who contributed for the success of this memorable day and let’s pray for the success of this school year.

Henry Ssemakula, sdb