From 18 February till 1 March AGL received the visit of Larissa Wulfert, project manager of Don Bosco Mondo. 

With Colette Schaumont,  the new PDO coordinator, she visited all the salesian works in Rwanda and Burundi. 

In every community they received a warm welcome. With the members of the community they discerned the forces of the salesian presence and the challenges to face. This has led to very enriching exchanges, new ideas and energy for the future. We are very grateful for this strong cooperation that goes a lot further than providing funds. 

We are partners in the search to serve the young in need in the various realities of our province. 

We hope to welcome Larissa again next year and show her some concrete results from this encouraging visit. 

Thanks Don Bosco Mondo!

Colette Schaumont,  PDO coordinator